Sam Maguire Cup - All-Ireland Senior Football


The Cup is named after Sam Maguire, an influential figure in the Gaelic Athletic Association in London and a former footballer. Following his death from starvation almost alone and forgotten in west Cork in 1927, a group of his friends formed a committee in Dublin under the chairmanship of Dr Pat McCartan from Carrickmore Co.Tyrone, to raise funds for a permanent commemoration of his name. They decided on a cup to be presented to the GAA. At the time it cost £300. In today's terms that sum is equivalent to €25,000. The cup is modelled on the Ardagh Chalice and was made by Hopkins and Hopkins of O'Connell Bridge, Dublin.

Kildare was the first county to win the "Sam Maguire Cup" in 1928 after defeating Cavan 2-6 to 2-5. Even though the cup aged with grace it had to be replaced following the 1987 championship. Meath'sJoe Cassells was the first recipient of "Sam Óg". Indeed Meath have the distinction of being the last team to lift the old Sam Maguire and the first team to lift the new one following their back-to-back victories in 1987 & 1988. Only eight men have had the honour of being presented with the trophy twice as captain. They are; Joe Barrett (Kerry), Jimmy Murray (Roscommon), J. J. O'Reilly (Cavan),Seán Flanagan (Mayo), Enda Colleran (Galway), Tony Hanahoe (Dublin) Declan O'Sullivan (Kerry) and Brian Dooher (Tyrone). Since the cup was first played for in the All Ireland final of 1928 Kerry have won it 36 times, far more than anyone else. Dublin and Galway have won it 8 times, and Meath and Cork 7.

Liam McCarthy Cup - All-Ireland Senior Hurling 


The original Liam McCarthy Cup commemorates the memory of Liam McCarthy. Born in London to Irish parents in 1851, he was prominently involved in the establishment of a GAA county board in London in the 1890s.[1][2] It was first presented in 1921 with Limerick the first holders of the cup. In 1921 a trophy in his honour was presented to the Central Council of the GAA and replaced the Great Southern Cup as the All-Ireland trophy. Limerick, as All-Ireland champions in 1921, were the first recipients of the Liam McCarthy Cup.
In 1992 the original Liam McCarthy Cup was retired. Tipperary were the last team to claim the original. In 1992 an exact replica was produced and has been awarded on an annual basis since then. Kilkenny were the first team to win the 'new' McCarthy Cup.

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