County Championship Matches Regulations 2017

Please note the following Regulations regarding all County Championship matches (updated 2017)

Admission Tickets:-

Please arrange with the Office Staff to have the Admission Tickets/Passes collected from Cork GAA Offices, Mainport, Monahan Road, a few days prior to the Championship Game. Admission Tickets will not be posted out to the Club Runaí.

Field Arrangements:-
(a) The field must be in proper order - grass adequately cut, field lined and flagged, goal nets, goal flags, and umpires white coats to be provided.

(b) National Flag must be flown.

(c) Admission to the sideline must be strictly regulated and a pass system must be used.

Patrons Admission to Grounds:-
(a) The Club must appoint sufficient ticket sellers and persons supervising admission.
(b) The most satisfactory method of admission is via Turnstiles. Where a Club uses wide gate(s) of admission, it is recommended that a barrier system be set up at the gate, to enhance control of entry.
(c) Only essential parking should be allowed within the grounds, as entry of  cars reduces control. Where parking is essential, every car occupant must have an admission ticket.
(d) Passes/Concessions- Your Club is required to brief ticket sellers and checkers on procedures to be followed -

(1) Current Coiste Chontae Pass (issuable to All-Ireland Senior Medal Holders, Club Runaís, Coiste Chontae, Referees etc.) allows the valid holder free admission on a single person basis only. This pass must be shown for inspection at the entrance to the grounds, but is retained by the holder. Please note that these Passes are non- transferrable.

(2) Old Age Pensioners/Student - A Concessionary ticket for C'ship games is available. Proof is required, i.e. (a Pension Book/Student Card). However if the person does not have the latter, while the requirement of proof should be mentioned, a reasonable approach should be adopted by ticket sellers.
N.B. A free Travel Card is not a means of proof or admission.

(4) Juveniles (Under 16) admitted free to all games.

(5) No other forms of Concession apply, and no other types of passes are to be accepted.

(6) Checkers must not permit entry to persons who have not purchased a ticket or have not shown a Valid Pass.

(e) Admission tickets are to be torn by the checkers at the entrance and containers or bins are to be available at Venues for used and torn tickets. 

(f) The Management Committee of An Choiste Chontae will have a representative in attendance at each County Championship match for the purpose of supervising admission procedures and other arrangements. A report will be submitted by the representative to An Coiste Chontae after the
game. In the case of specific major games, at which a large attendance is expected, An Coiste Chontae will appoint other Official Supervisors to attend at Venues.

Match Regulations, Teams and Officials Admissions to Grounds:-

(1) Team panels being admitted to Field Area are to be restricted to a maximum of 30 players. Only 30 players will be listed on Match Programmes. A maximum of 15 players, i.e. those of the 30 names on the programme, and who not starting the game, shall be allowed into the dugout. All other “substitutes” to be catered for outside the playing area. They should not enter the playing area during half time.

NOTE to the organising Club: Each team shall have no more than 42 persons in the playing area before and during the game. No extra players should be allowed into the playing area during half time.

If more than 42 persons from either club are present in Field Area before or during the game, the Event Controller of the game is requested to report this to referee/fourth official. The referee and Event Controller should record this breach in their match report/match returns.

(2) The maximum number of Officials (including two Water Carriers (Maor Uisce) per team (Football) or Water/Hurley Carriers (Maor Uisce/Camán) per team (Hurling)) is to be 12 persons. 

All Water Carriers (Football) or Water/Hurley Carriers (Hurling) must be over the age of 18, i.e. Not eligible for minor in the current year’s competition.

(3) With the exception of the Bainisteoir, the Maor Foirne, the Medical Officer and the two Water or Water/Hurley Carriers (who are to be provided by their Club with distinguishing armbands/bibs) - all other Substitutes and Officials, shall remain seated at all times during play.

(4) The Bainisteoir may go along the sideline between the two 45m lines to issue instructions, after which he must return to the area in front of his own team's dug out. He must not enter the field for any purpose. 

(5) The Maor Foirne (who must be a Selector) may enter the field via the Substitution Zone (or between the two 65m lines) when the ball has gone out of play following a score or wide or a stoppage called by the Referee for medical attention to an injured player, to issue instructions. The Maor Foirne must then exit the Pitch at the nearest endline/sideline and return to sit in his own team's dug out area. Note: The Maor Foirne may not act as a Hurley/Water Carrier.

(6) Injuries. A Team Medical Official only, may, having obtained the expressed permission of the Referee (who may delegate authority to his linesmen), enter the field to examine an injured player. He is not at this point, to take a medical kit onto the field. No other Team Official shall enter the field of Play for this purpose. The practice of a number of Team Officials/water carriers running onto the field to examine an injury is strictly prohibited. Minor Injuries must be treated off the Field. If a blood substitute is required, the substitute may not enter the field of play until the injured player has left and the referee/fourth official has signalled his approval. 

(7) The Water Carriers – (Football) or Hurley/Water Carriers – (Hurling) (who are to be provided by their Club with distinguishing bibs) are permitted per team. 

* Such carriers are to be positioned outside the 20m and 65m lines.

* Water carriers are not permitted to enter the field of play. 

* Players must only approach the sideline to receive water from a Water Carrier. 

* In Hurling, Water/Hurley Carriers may enter the field with a replacement hurley, when necessary, but may not enter the field of play with water at any stage - players must only approach the sideline to receive water from a Water Carrier. 

(8) Warm Up 

* Substitutes may warm-up on the sideline area between the end line and the 20m line. 

* A maximum of three substitutes may warm up at any one time. 

* Substitutes warming up must wear a bib, or top that is different and distinct for their teams’ jersey. 

* No hurleys, sliotars or footballs may be used along the sideline during the warm. 

(9) Substitutes Slips are to be presented by the substitute to the Referee. If a 4th Official is officiating, the Substitution Slip should be given by a Team Official to the 4th Official. Substitutions, according to Rule, may only be made only during a break in play.

Match Programmes-
Ensure that a Programme is produced for the game. It is the responsibility of the host Club to produce a Programme.

The following is required on the Programme:-
(1) A copy of the Programme in respect of Senior, Premier Intermediate & Intermediate Hurling and Football Championship games is to be submitted to Cork GAA Offices, Mainport, Monahan Road, within a week of the game.

(2) Names of Teams must be in the Irish form only. Strict compliance please.
(a) Names of players shall be in the Irish form, with English form beneath.
(b) Referee's name and Club shall be in Irish form only.

 The GAA membership system also provides a translation service.

(a) Make provision for adequate Parking

(b) Where it is essential to park cars within the grounds, please ensure that they are not parked in a position where they are likely to be damaged by match balls. A broken windscreen etc. will not be covered by the Association's Public Liability, and payment for such will be the responsibility of the Host Club.

Return of Match Receipts:-
(a) Match receipts are to be lodged, within two working days to the Working Account number 77077044 of Coiste Chontae Chorcai, Cumann Luth Chleas Gael Allied Irish Bank, 66 South Mall, Cork.

(b) Within two weeks, please return to An Coiste Chontae the completed Gate Receipt Reconciliation Form, the Tickets Advice Sheet, the Bank Lodgement Receipt, sold blocks and unsold tickets.

(c) A Club failing to comply with the above requirements is liable to loss of Rent, and to not being considered as a Venue for future games.

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