Results of Motions from the County Convention 2018-12-16 20:00:00

NA RÚIN  (Motions)

Motion 1 - (Defeated)

That Mion-Riail 41 (which allows the County Committee to give permission to Divisional Committees to enter teams in the Senior Hurling and Football Championship) be deleted.

                                                                                    (Fánaithe an Ghleanna)

Motion 2 - (Defeated)

That Rule 6.8(3), Official Guide be amended by amending and amalgamating Sections (i) and (ii) as Section (i) to read:

“Play with his College Club and with his Own Club where the latter is of a lower grade, provided he obtains a Permit from the County Committee, Provincial, or Central Councils, as appropriate”

Sections (iii) and (iv) to be renumbered (ii) and (iii).

                                                                                    (Fánaithe an Ghleanna)

Motion 3 - (Passed)

Amend Rule 3.5(a)(i), Rules of Specification, to read:

“All-Ireland Semi-Finals and Finals (Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy Cups only), and the Provincial Finals, in which Replays shall apply.”

                                                                             (Naomh Ide)

Motion 4 - (Withdrawn)

That Bye-Law 42, Regrading of  Players, be amended by the deletion of

Section (2) (i) and (ii) and the Bye-Law to read:

“The process of regrading of players shall be as follows:

(1) Between February 1st and commencement of Adult Championships (excluding Under 21), a Club may apply to have players regraded by one level, subject to the Club retaining a minimum of fifteen players, approved by the Competitions Control Committee, in each of its grades, at the Championship status level of the previous year, other than where a Club has been relegated from a Championship.


A Club Team participating in a Provincial or All-Ireland Championship shall not be entitled to regrade players of this Team until after the termination of its participation.“

                                                                                (Fánaithe an Ruisealaigh)

Motion 5 - (Passed)

That Bye-Law 42 Regrading of Players be brought into line with new General Rule 6.20 by Section (2) (ii) being amended to read:

“(ii) He is not regraded by more than one level on a single application i.e. from his existing Championship status to the next lower Championship level that his Club is engaged in at the time of application.”

                                                                                                (An Choiste Chontae)

Motion 6

That Bye Law 44 Transfers be amended as follows:-

  • That references in Section (a) to “family residence” be altered to “permanent residence”. - (Passed)

Include in this Section a provision “Permanent Residence shall be as defined in Rule 6.3 Official Guide”.

  • Amend Section (e) to read:

“A player who has not taken part in any Official or Trophy Competition in the previous forty eight weeks.” - (Defeated)

  • Amend Section (f) to read:

“ A player from a Senior, Premier Intermediate or Intermediate Club may transfer to a Junior Club, when both are within the same Divisional Area, and permission of the Club he is leaving is given.” - (Passed)

  • Add the following provision as Section (g) with current Section (g) becoming Section (h).
  • “(g) A player who is applying for transfer to the ‘First Club’ of his father. - (Passed)
  •                                                                                          (An Choiste Chontae)

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