GAA and Irish TV join forces to broadcast ScÓr Sinsir Finals 2015-07-16 09:37:00

GAA and Irish TV join forces to broadcast Scór Sinsir Finals. Three special episodes from the All-Ireland GAA Scór Sinsir Finals from the Citywest Hotel in Dublin will be broadcast on Irish TV this year with the GAA and Irish TV joining forces to bring the cultural highlights from the GAA club calendar to a global audience.

Highlights from the hugely popular 2015 GAA Scór Sinsir finals will take centre stage on Irish TV on Sky 191 on Sunday 19 July at 8pm. In a serious of three documentaries over the coming weeks the Irish TV cameras capture the magic of this cultural celebration which sees GAA clubs from across the country compete in an array of cultural disciplines from traditional music, song and dance.

Highlights from the hugely popular 2015 GAA Scór na nÓg finals aired earlier this year on Irish TV. â€˜Scór Sinsir’ airs Sunday 19 July at 8pm on Irish TV SKY channel 191.

“The high quality series of programmes of Scór na nÓg highlights was the best boost Scór received in years and that having seen a preview of the Scór Sinsir series I have no doubt that the Scór community will be similarly wowed by them,” Aodán O'Braonain.

Scór was founded by Cork native Derry Gowen in 1969 to nurture and promote all aspects of Irish heritage, traditional music, songs and dance under the Cumann Lúthchleas Gael banner.  Scór offers GAA members and clubs the social outlet to participate in a range of stage activities with the national finals showcasing the core values of the GAA at its very best.

Speaking to Irish TV, An Uachtaran Aogán Ó Fearghail revealed: â€œI’ve been to Scór many times, I was a competitor in Scór for many years and won county finals, indeed we did win at provincial level, but never won at All Ireland level. It is wonderful to be here, I’m delighted to be here as Uachtaran, to see the fun, the excitement and the most important thing of all the sense of uberance and passion so many people have for all aspects of Irish music, song, dance and culture, it’s great. 

“People do realise that sport is important and central to the GAA but if you go to Croke Park, we’re modern, we hear all sorts of modern musical tastes there but you’ll also hear very strongly in the background our own traditional music, so Scór is very much at the heart of what we do in the GAA and its wonderful to see so many GAA clubs understand that, and they understand that’s it about fun and enjoyment,” he said.

Aogán also added, “Irish TV are part of what is happening in Ireland. They are new and they are fresh and exciting. They also know that wherever the Irish go, we go there too. I have travelled a lot of the world, and no matter where I go I meet Irish TV. They are always with you - in the small places, for the small man, for the big man, for the little people, for the 'cois muintir na tire' and I congratulate Irish TV for not being 'ardnósach', for not being about the man with money or whatever it is. Thank you Irish TV for standing side-by-side with me and the GAA. We are delighted to have you as partners."

Irish TV CEO Pierce O’Reilly said he was delighted to be working with Scór again on this project as like the GAA, Irish TV is part of every community across the country both north and south.  “Our motto is local stories global audience and this fits perfectly with the GAA.  Scór is an intricate part of club and community life in Ireland and the national finals are a wonderful showcase” added O’Reilly.

Former Scór participants include several legendary GAA stars like Armagh stalwart, Jarlath Burns while household names from the entertainment world like Tommy Fleming, Eleanor Shanley and founder of Ragús Fergal Ó Murchú all first took to the stage at Scór finals.

Liam Ó Laochdha, Cathaoirleach Coiste Náisiúnta Scór said the Irish TV coverage is a very important element in promoting the cultural side of the GAA.  “Irish TV has its finger on the pulse of rural Ireland and we are thrilled to get this coverage.   These programmes will showcase a very important aspect of the GAA that rarely gets any media attention and we are thrilled to be working with Irish TV”, he said.

‘Scór Sinsir’ airs Sunday 19 July at 8pm on Irish TV SKY channel 191

The first episode in a series of three can be viewed on the Irish TV channel on Sky 191, Freesat 400, all free to air boxes, eircom’s eVision 191 and online at

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